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Svaliava district

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Territory: 0,7 ths. km2

Population: 57,5 ths. people

Population density: 82,3 people per 1 km2

Towns: 1.

Urban villages: 1

Rural villages: 43

Svalyava district is situated in the central part of the region. It borders on Mukacheve, Perechyn, Volovec, Mizhgiria and Irshava district. The town of Svalyava is a district center which is a situated in picturesque valley of the Latoritrsya river near the base of the mountain Stii. The colonization of the territory of modern town had started in late Paleolith (20-30 thousand years ago). Svalyava was first mentioned in the documents of the XII century. The name of Svalyava comes from old Hungary and old Slavonic “sol’va” which means “the place where salt (mineral) water flows”.

The most of the territory of the district is occupied by mountains. The highest point of Svalyava district is the Stii mountain, its height is 1681 meters. Dusinka, Latoritsya, Kerecky and Pinya rivers play a significant role in the relief formation. Among other 13 districts Svalyava is the most mineralized one.

Main balneal resources are represented by 10 mines of carbonaceous mineral springs of Polyana, Novo-Polyana, Vedmezhe, Holubinske, Svalyava, Nelipinsk, Ploskivsk, Olenivsk, Pasick which contain hydrogen carbonate natrium mixture of different mineralization (5-25 h/l), different types (total-94 water inflow, particularly 77 wells and 17 springs). The most powerful net sanitation resort establishments operates in Svalyava district. Medical mineral waters had made this region popular in Ukraine and beyond its borders.

Factories bottle mineral waters “Polyana Kupel”, “Polyana Kvasova”, “Luzhanska”, “Luzhanska-7”, “Ploskivska”,   “Polyana Svitla”, “Svalyava”, “Nelipinska”. According to historical data even in the XI century Byzantine emperor’s court asked Hungary kings to sell them healing salt water from mountainous springs. There is a natural forest park “Zhdimir” on the district territory.

There is a wooden architectural memorial Myhailivska (St. Michel’s) church of 1588 and the women Orthodox monastery which operates in the village of Drachyno. In the XIX century park in the Plavia village you can admire the 500-years old oak. There is also the monument to I. Franko there. The railway and motor road Mukachevo-Lviv passes across Svalyava.




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