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Rakhiv district

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Territory: 1,9 thousand square kilometres

Population: 91,3 thousand people

Population density: 48,1 people per square kilometre

Towns: 1

Urban villages: 3

Rural villages: 28

Rakhiv district is situated in the eastern part of the region. It borders on Romania, Ivano-Frankivsk region and Tyachiv district. The town of Rakhiv is in the picturesque valley between the mountains near the confluence of the Black and White Tysa. The first written mention about Rakhiv dates back to 1447. A treasure of bronze objects of late Bronze Age (end of 2nd Millennium BC) was found in the territory of the town.

In Europe this unique mountain district of Ukraine is known as a region where natural and cultural heritage is preserved during the centuries. Representatives of almost 30 nations and nationalities live here. 70% of them are Ukrainians (ethnic group of Hutsuls), 10% are Romanians and also Hungarians, Slovaks and other nationalities inhabits this area. It is interesting to know that in 1918in the territory of Rakhiv district a small country of Hutsuls’ Republic with its capital Yasinia existed for several months.

The territory of Zakarpattian Hutsuls is famous for its difficulty of accessing mountains covered with the dense forests. Here national avengers opryshky found their shelter and the famous Oleksa Dovbysh was one of them. He and his brave friends caused a lot of problems to local riches. Chornogora mountain saved oprishkys from government forces more than once. According to the legend, brave Oleksa had hidden there his treasures and only a braveheart with his courage and devotion to his nation would open a stone door which leads to the cave at the foot of one of the mountains of Chornogorskiy massif where countless treasures line.

Some times Rakhiv district is called Switzerland, and town of Rakhiv is called the capital of Hutsul’s Zakarpattia, and Rakhiv district is also called a land in the center of Europe. The most important adornment of the Rakhiv district is the fact that the continental center of the Europe lies here, near the village Dilove (48030’ northern latitude – 23023’ eastern longitude) it was determined by Austro-Hungarian experts in 1887.

Rolling by the village of Kostylivka you can see a cross on the rock. Local residents call this mountain Skelia Kohannia (Rock of Love). According to the legend, drama of love took place in this village at the beginning of XX century. A girl from rich family felt in love with a poor boy, and her parents were against this relationship. One night the boy and the girl ascended the rock, embraced tightly and jumped…
A small mountain in honour of this event was called Skelia Kohannia (Rock of Love) and a large cross reminding about invincible love of two hearts was installed there.   

Another interesting fact is that town of Rakhiv (the title derives from words “rakhuvaty” (to count) or “the land of the lord Rakh”) belongs to the most thunder bound towns of Ukraine, about 43 thunder days happen here per year. Besides, the town of Rakhiv is the highest place in Ukraine, its altitude above sea level in 820 meters.

The most highland arterial road of Ukraine passes here, it is the motor road which passes through the mountain crossing Yablunetskiy at the 931 meters altitude. Transport trade routes pass through Rakhiv district from Galicia and Bukovyna to Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia and other countries of Central Europe. The district has a motor-car and railway connection with them and with the biggest cities of Western Ukraine such as Lviv (230 kilometers), Chernivtsi (230 kilometers), Ivano-Frankivsk (140 kilometers), Uzhgorod (210 kilometers). Due to the fact, that railway track in Dilove-village, that is 20 kilometers from town of Rakhiv, goes to the territory of Romania, all the passenger trains arriving to Rakhiv station are formed in the opposite direction from this point.

Mountain lakes Apshynets, Maricheyka, Brebeneskul, Breskul, Vorogheska, Gerashatske, Dragobratske Ozertse, Nyzhnie, Verhnie, Mala Gropa are situated on the territory of the district. The highest mountains of Ukraine are situated on the territory of Rakhiv district. They are Goverla (2061 m), Brebeneskul (2035 m), Pip-Ivan (2020 m), Petros (2,020 m), Gutyn-Tomnatyc (2,017 m), Rebra (2007 m), and also the mountain crossing  Yablunetskiy or Tatarskiy (931 m), there are corners Yashanska and Bogdanska among mountain peaks.

One of the biggest tributes of the Dynay – Tyssa – begins in Rakhiv district. It provides clean drinking water flowing through Europe. 10 deposits of mineral water are found and licensed in the district, they are mainly carbonic and hydrocarbonate-chloride, and they are used for treating digestive apparatus, their analogue is “Esentuki-17” (village of Kvasy, village of Kosivska Poliana, village of Kostylivka).




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