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Perechin district

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Territory: 0,6 thousand square kilometres

Population: 32,4 thousand people

Population density: 54,5 people per square kilometre

Urban village: 1

Rural village: 24

Perechyn district is situated in the north-western part of the region. It borders on Slovakia, Uzhgorod, Velykyi Bereznyi, Volovetsk, Svaliava and Mukacheve districts. Urban settlement of Perechyn is a district center which is situated in the valley of the Uzh river. The territory of the district has been inhabited since the late Paleolith epoch. It was first mentioned in written papers in 1266. The name of the settlement derives from the word “peretyn” which means “crossing of roads”. The second meaning is “the land of master Perecha”.

The most territory of the district is occupied by mountains and the highest peak is the mountain Polonyna Runa (Valley of Fleece) with the height of 1479m. The Uzh and Turia rivers play significant role in relief formation. The volcanic lake Vorochivske, cascade of mountain waterfalls Lumshorskyi, waterfalls Voevodyn, Solovey and Partisan are situated in the territory of the district. There are Uzhanska and Turianska ravines between mountains. There is also nature reserve “Sokolovi Skeli” (Falcon rocks) where unique species of plants and birds are being protected. Basic natural resources are represented by the deposits of carbonate waters of different types.

In the village of Turii Remety a unique monument to a postman is located. A postman Fyodor Feckete lived in the village in the XIX century. He walked on foot with a heavy bag filled with letters and important documentation from Turianska ravine to Uzhgorod and back almost every day. Once in wintertime when Fyodor Feckete was crossing the river a thin ice broke down and cracked. In the last minutes of his life Fyodor took of the bag and pulled it to the bank. He saved the mail at the expense of his own life. Grateful residents of the district built a monument to the devoted postman.

There is a unique wooden church in the village of Likitsary and a museum of “Lemkivska Sadyba (farmstead)” in the village of Zarichovo.
Remarkably, residents of the village of Turii Remety are called “zhablianyky” (frog-eaters). If you look into the menu of one of the local cafes you will find two traditional dishes: frog legs and turtle soup. According to historical data during Napolepn’s invasion captured French soldiers were accommodated here and afterwards they stayed here forever, made families and passed some French customs (and also their cuisine) to the local residents.       




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