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Wine and brandy tasting in Transcarpathia

The grape growing and wine making traditions were introduced by conquering Hungarians. These early vineyards were destroyed after the Tartar invasion and new vine stocks were planted again only during the reign of King Béla IV. He invited Italian and German wineries into the destroyed  territories in 1254. More information >>

Wine growing was intensively developed in the 16th century on the lowland areas of Transcarpathia, mostly in the Berehovo and the Mukachevo districts.

In the 70s of the 19th century more than 2700 hectares of vineyards were destroyed by the phylloxera disease.

As a result of the continuous re-planting, the region owned a 4500 hectares of vineyards during the Czechoslovakian era (1919-1938). From 1965 the grape growing gradually declined. The poor cultivation and the chemicals have led to land degradation. The prohibition in the 80s also weakened the territory of vineyards.

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