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Fishing, hunting in Transcarpathia

There are numerous rivers and lakes in the Carpathians. In the rivers of Zakarpattia there is fish like pile peach, pike, bream, crucian etc. The fish is usually caught by cud or fishing rod. But there are places where it is difficult to get by transport especially in bad weather. There is a complex of ponds for sport fishing in the centers “Mors’ke Oko” (“Sea eye”), “Manchul” with the area of 50 hectares, where there is fish such as pike, carp, bream, roach, crucian, tench, perch.
It is prohibited to fish in Synevir lake. But there are several ponds where there is fish like trout, where you may fish limited number of fish under the consent of administration. It is also possible to fish at Tereblia-Ryts’ke storage pond. It is allowed to fish there all the year round. More information >>

To fish the trout is prohibited everywhere. It is certainly possible to arrange but in the case of fishing alone. Local inhabitants catch the trout but there is a big opportunity to meet a fishing inspector. The trout is almost in all Carpathian rivers. In the upper part of Prut there is nothing but the trout. It may be caught also in Syreta and Tysa. The trout is usually caught with a spinning rod. The god places for doing that are after rifts because there the fish gets tired and it is easier to catch it. In summer fish is usually caught for fly, in winter-for worm. During the spawning the control is more strict. A lot travel centers offer trout in their own reservoirs. If you don’t want to “communicate” with a fishing inspector you’d better use their services. Salmon is also one of the most valuable fish of the Carpathian regions, three species of which are aborigine-stream trout and lake trout, Danube salmon, rainbow trout acclimatized last century and imported for acclimatization during last decades Sevan trout, white-fish, Baikal omul, loach. Stream trout or pstrug (strug) is spread in mountainious parts of the rivers and in the streams. It reaches the altitudes of 800-1000m over the sea level. It doesn’t bear water pollution with substances consuming oxygen (oil, oil products etc.). Some individuals of stream trout are 70 sm and 1.28 kg at the age of 8-10 year. Stream trout differs from other salmon fish with bright color, i.e. the presence of round red and black spots with light narrow circumference on the sides of the body. It lives 10-12 years. In differs from the stream trout by presence of only black spots without light circumference on the body. It lives over 10 years. Rainbow trout or Canadian pstrug. Maximum length of adult fish (over 10 years) reaches 70sm, mass is 4.3 kg. It differs from the other salmon fish by its colour: the back and the sides of the fish are blue with brown tints, covered with numerous dark spots spreading to the dorsal, adipose and caudal fins. Along the side line there is a wide reddish stripe with violet-blue gleam which reminds you a rainbow. The rainbow trout is more gluttonous and less careful than the stream one, that is why it is trout easier.


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