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Walking tours in Trnscarpathia


In any season those who love walking may enjoy beautiful landscape of the Carpathians, experienced guides will help you to carry your equipment and the cook will prepare dishes of Zakarpattia cuisine when halting. Zakarpattia is famous for the gifts of its nature. In summer you may pick up ecologically clear mushrooms and berries, when it comes to autumn you may try tasty forest nuts and in spring you may enjoy the beautiful view of meadows with mountain snowdrops and crocuses.

The most popular peaks for climbing are Hoverla, Pip Ivan, Petros, Brebenscul and others which are not less attractive.

Hoverla mountain (2061 m) has always been and will remain the most popular mountain for climbing. But there are always a lot of tourists there and some people may not like this. 


Advices for the tourists

  • Carefully watch making fires and primus stoves. It is better to dig around the fire for the sparkles not to burn the dry grass near the fire. Before you leave you should always spill the water into the fire.


  • There are usually places in the popular tourist routes where the fire has been made for several times. In the case of possibility it is better to find such a place. Moreover, there are the best places for a halt.
  • Don’t pollute streams and mineral sources.
  • If you are going to a trip into the mountains even for 1 day, you should better take spare dry clothes with you. This concerns any trips at any weather because if the sun is shining at the foot of the mountain and it is really hot, then there should be smoke or rain on the peak. And that is much worse if there is a strong wind at this time.
  • You should remember that increasing the altitude for 100m the temperature drops on average at 1 °C.
  • During the climbing the density of the air decreases and the body stops receiving the quality of oxygen it needs.
  • You shouldn’t be a professional mountain climber to get mountain sickness. Any person getting to the altitude of higher than 1000 m over the sea level takes the risk to face with the problems. If suffocations, nausea and the headache appear during the climbing these are the first indications of the mountain disease. Analgesic and large quantity of water could help you. If you feel sick you should better not to climb the peak. You may wait for the team in some place and then descent down.
  • For those who have problems with the heart it is also dangerous to climb the mountains. This is not a difficult trip but it is a difficult work especially to the popular mountain peaks to where the tourists of different ages are led.
  • It is necessary to drink a lot of water, avoid alcohol and keep strengths during you first day in the mountains. In order to avoid mountain disease it is recommended to drink ore liquid. In order to prevent the mountain disease it is recommended to drink 3-4 litres a day.
  • Be at the same altitude until the symptoms vanish. But if they haven’t been eliminated completely, you should make sure that you have acclimatized and can continue the climbing.  
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