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Making folk art dolls

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GPS: 48°3´16.0092" 23°28´32.6028"
Larysa Zahorulkyna
  Artistic activity: making dolls Date of birth: 1958 Address: Tiachiv district, Bushtyno village Contacts: +380963491988, +380313468519, Education: higher The mistress is engaged in making folk art dolls – reeled dolls according to ancient techniques. The types of her products include bride in wreath, doll with child, small angle. In addition, Larysa Zahorulkyna makes souvenir dolls...
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GPS: 48°34´12.8856" 22°19´32.1312"
Lyudmyla Hubal
  Artistic activity: making dolls, embroidery, making Easter eggs Date of birth: 1964.11.11. Address: Uzhgorod district, Baranyntsi village, Haharina street 63 Contacts: +380503726514, Education: higher The mistress has started to deal with handicraft in 1983. She masterfully produces reeled dolls, embroidered shirts, ties, towels, bags, ceramic figurines, painted plates and Easter eggs. Lyudmyla...
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GPS: 48°8´58.956" 23°1´28.5492"
Natalia Hodvan
  Artistic activity: making dolls Contacts: The mistress has begun to produce interior dolls in 2012. Currently she makes dolls and various toys for children and their parents. Natalia Hodvan also produces wrappers with embroidery and decorative ribbons for notebooks, as well products from felt, especially Christmas decorations. She plans to organize workshops for children and adults to demonstrate...
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GPS: 48°20´34.854" 23°13´30.3492"
Olha Durda
  Artistic activity: making folk art dolls and Easter eggs, ceramic Date of birth: 1990.11.16. Address: Irshava district, Pryborzhavske village, Peremohy street 34 Contacts: +380969509444, Education: higher She makes wonderful reeled dolls in traditional Transcarpathian folk costumes. The mistress produces ceramic products, including figures, plates, whistlers, ceramic eggs.   The...
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GPS: 48°30´16.3764" 22°40´35.2812"
Tetyana Kohutych
  Artistic activity: making folk art dolls and embroidery Date of birth: 1986 Address: Mukachevo district, Lokhovo village Contacts: +380501052524, Education: higher Tatyana Kohutych is interested in making folk art dolls – the so-called „motanka” and knotted dolls - , and embroidery. She prepares shirts with satin-stitch and „rushnyks” (Ukrainian embroideres ritual...

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)
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