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Jewelry making

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GPS: 48°4´19.6104" 22°53´42.5904"
Ágnes Pallagi
  Artistic activity: making flowers from pantyhose Date of birth: 1986.07.22. Address: Vynohradiv district, Tysobyken village, Shevchenka street 37 Contacts: +380976473864, Education: higher Ágnes Pallagi has been engaged in making flowers from pantyhose since 2013. She makes professionally butterflies, various flowers, jewelries (earrings, rings), Advent wreath, table decorations,...
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GPS: 48°8´58.956" 23°1´28.5492"
Anna-Nikoletta Homolyak
  Artistic activity: jewelry making Date of birth: 1994 Address: Vynohradiv town Contacts: +380939229871, The unique jewelries – earrings, bracelets, necklaces - made of polymer clay represent a variety of colours and shapes. The craftswoman makes joyful jewelries decorated with flowers and ribbons, leather bracelets studded with rivets. She regularly participates in local and folk art...
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GPS: 48°17´28.2768" 22°26´5.1648"
Ilona Ködöböcz-Gerzsenyi
  Artistic activity: jewelry making Date of birth: 1979.05.02. Address: Berehovo district, Shom village, Myr street 4 Contacts: +380956998628 Education: higher Ilona Ködöböcz-Gerzsenyi became interested in folk art long ago, but she has mastered jewelry making only two years ago. Her jewelries are made of minerals; she uses more techniques in one work. The decorative elements are joined together...
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GPS: 48°8´59.3664" 23°1´28.5492"
Iryna Izhnahaitis
  Artistic activity: making ornaments with satin ribbon Date of birth: 1980.09.14. Address: Vynohradiv district, Koriatovych street 7/69 Contacts: +380957374544, e-mail: Education: higher The mistress has been engaged in making jewelry – traditional wreaths, brooches, headbands – using satin ribbons. It started as a hobby, she gave the fi rst products to her family as presents.   The...
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GPS: 48°8´58.542" 23°1´16.1868"
Lyubov Shtefan
  Artistic activity: jewelry making from beads and natural stones Date of birth: 1974.03.14. Address: Vynohradiv town, I. Franka street 125 Contacts: +380502108000, e-mail: Education: secondary vocational Lyubov Shtefan masterfully makes women jewelry from beads and natural stones; she uses original techniques and embroiders beads on leather. At fi rts she produced jewelries for herself and friends...
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GPS: 48°20´43.0692" 23°13´22.9332"
Vasylyna Isak
  Artistic activity: jewelry making Date of birth: 1990.06.26. Address: Irshava district, Pryborzhavske village, Lisova street 17 Contacts: +380668537834, e-mail: Education: higher Vasylyna Isak makes beautiful jewelries using various materials and cold porcelain. At fi rst it started as an ordinary hobby, but a year later it has started to generate income. She opened a shop called „Lyna”...

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)
result/page 10 | 20 | 50
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