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GPS: 48°21´48.3624" 22°23´18.312"
Éva Hájas-Derceni
  Artistic activity: beading Date of birth: 1980.07.19. Address: Berehovo district, Bative village, Simon Menyhért street 7 Contacts: +380993839688,e-mail: Education: higher Éva Hájas-Derceni makes women’s jewelry, various animals, key-holders, fl owers, decorations for Christmas from colourful beads. She produces bracelets, consumer articles as handbag to mobile...
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GPS: 48°12´4.8131999999999" 22°37´59.5524"
Irén Gácsi
  Artistic activity: beading Date of birth: 1981.06.28. Address: Berehovo town, Mukachivska street 178 Contacts: +380666050934, e-mail: Education: higher Irén Gácsi has been interested in beading since 2003. She makes colorful and varied products due to her wideranging interest. The mistress makes jewelry for women – necklaces, earrings, bracelets -, various animals (squirrels,...
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GPS: 48°25´51.6828" 22°11´59.766"
Marianna Cibulyás
  Artistic activity: beading, embroidery, Date of birth: 1988.07.16. Address: Uzhhorod district, Chop town, Schorsa street 3 Contacts: :+380312711907, +380508391764, e-mail: Education: higher She has been engaged in folk art for several years. At first she has mastered cross stich embroidery, and later became interested in beading. She masters women jewelry and bead trees. She also makes various...
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GPS: 48°27´50.1444" 22°35´48.5412"
Maryna Kohutych
  Artistic activity: beading Date of birth: 1987.06.08. Address: Mukachevo district, Rakoshyno village, Kutova street 26 Contacts: +380955027504, e-mail: Education: higher Maryna Kohutych has mastered her own technique of beading. She makes Easter eggs, women jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets). The mistress decorates clothes, shoes with beads. She has been greatly interested in...
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Nove Selo
GPS: 48°7´3.0612" 22°53´21.5808"
Melinda Molnár
  Artistic activity: beading Date of birth: 1978.04.12. Address: Vynohradiv district, Nove Selo village, Holovna street 139 Contacts: +380969040284 Education: vocational She has become interested in folk arts 10 years ago, involving 12 children. At fi rst they made gingerbread, then they produces more and more things: beading, plaster molding and painting, making pictures from pressed fl owers, makramé.   The...
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GPS: 48°19´0.56280000000015" 23°2´59.3916"
Olha Lovha
  Artistic activity: beading, embroidery Date of birth: 1974.10.22. Address: Irshava town, Ivan Franko street 3 Contacts: +380314422171, e-mail: Education: higher Olha Lovha has been engaged in beading and embroidery using the techniques of stain stich, cross stich, openwork. She is the head of the group „Vyshyvanka”. She is a permanent member of district, regional and national folk...

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)
result/page 10 | 20 | 50
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