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Festivals in Transcarpathia

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GPS: 48°37´12.72" 22°16´44.04"
"Soniachnyi napii" wine and honey festival
Name: wine and honey festival Location: Uzhhorod Date: May Type: gastronomical The festival of wine and honey was first held in 2006. Here one can taste the best wines in Transcarpathia and see the procedure of winemaking. For the visitors is a unique opportunity to taste and purchase original honey products. In addition, the local folk art fair raises the quality and standard of the festival....
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Klynovets'ka Hora
GPS: 48°0´43.11" 23°3´34.6176"
Cherry Festival
Name: Cherry Festival Location: Okli Hed', Vynohradiv district Date: at the beginning of June Type: gastronomical The cherry festival is held in the villages of Patskanovo, Uzhhorod district and Okli Hed', Vynohradiv district each year, where one can taste cherry dishes. In addition, various competitions, cultural programs and fair wait the visitors....
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GPS: 47°59´37.3632" 24°12´7.4016"
Festival "Berlybaskyi banosh"
Name: festival "Berlybaskyi banosh" Location: Kostylivka Date: May Type: gastronomical The area where the village of Kostylivka is situated was called Berlibash during the times of Tatar invasion. Banosh - the dish that is cooked from sweetcorn and sour-cream. During the festival one can taste stuffed cabbage in sour-cream, Hungarian langosh, tokan with cracklings, jacket potatoes with brynza, hurka and other...
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Festival "Etno-Dia-Sphera"
Name: "Etno-Dia-Sphere" International Theatre Festival of Nationalities Location: Mukachevo Date: May Type of festival: art This festival is usually held in the last week of May. The Commonwealth of Independent States, Ukraine and the countries of the Euro region participate on this festival. Theatre companies arrive from Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, Russian.     ...
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GPS: 48°3´46.9872" 24°12´14.8176"
Festival "Htsul brynza"
Name: Brynza Festival Location: Rakhiv Date: at the beginning of September Type: gastronomical First the festival was organized in the village of Kvasy in 2000, and later, in the year 2002 it moved to the district centre - Rakhiv town. During the festival a great fire was burnt as the symbolic mascot of sheep. It is devoted to the returning of the shepherds from the polonynas. There is exhibition from products of folk...
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GPS: 48°16´17.13" 24°25´6.0599999999999"
Festival "Hutsul ripa"
Name: festival "Hutsul ripa" Location: Rakhiv Date: at the beginning of September Type: gastronomical Potato is called as "ripa" in some districts of Transcarpathia. It is also called the "hutsul bread". During the festival the guests can taste different dishes cooked from potato and other hutsul dishes too. Training classes in cooking dishes from potato as well as in carving, weaving,...
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Festival "Uzhhorod palchinta (pancake)"
Name: festival "Uzhorodska palachinta" Location: Uzhhorod Date: February Type: gastronomical The festival offers the following programs: concerts contests tasting of traditional Transcarpathian dishes tasting of pancakes, honey and wine ...
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GPS: 48°7´33.726" 22°47´44.9016"
Stuffed cabbage festival in the village of Chetfolvo
Name: stuffed cabbage festival Location: Chetfalva, Berehovo district Date: June Type: gastronomical During the festival the locals present stuffed cabbage cooked according to different recipes, because during different periods of time peasants used to cook them of the stuff they had at that time.They cook Hungarian, Hutsul, Romanian, Bulgarian stuffed cabbages. At the festival a number of contest are being organized,...
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Velykyi Bychkiv
GPS: 47°57´58.6332" 24°0´50.0976"
Stuffed cabbage festival in the village of Velykyi Bychkiv
Name: stuffed cabbage festival Location: Velykyi Bychkiv, Rakhiv district Date: August Type: gastronomical The festival of stuffed cabbage in the village of Velykyi Bychkiv first was held in 2010. 25 types of stuffed cabbage was cooked at the festival, among others: cabbage stuffed with vegetables, mushroom, sausage, pearl-shaped pasta, stuffed cabbage with grape leaves.    ...

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products)
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