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Cycle routes in Transcarpathia

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“Sea Eye”
Route: Ust-Chorna – Mokra Russka – Mokra Nimetska – Prislop pass – Kolochava – Negrovetz – Synevyr – Synevyrska polyana – Synevyr lake – Lopushne – Torun – Prislop – Yalynkuvate – Volosyanka – Slavske The route starts from the most “rainy” place in the Carpathians. The village names such as Ust-Chorna (translates as black creek), Mokra Russka...
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Above the Clouds
Route: Rakhiv – Bogdan – Lugi – Goverla – Peremychka pass – Sheshul pass – Kvasy Chornogora Ridge is fascinating as a tourist attraction. It starts above Yasinya village in Transcarpathia, with the summit Petros (2020.2 m) 6 km away from the first and the highest summit of the main ridge – Goverla (2060.8 m). There are descents between the summits (up to 1550 m), and because of them Petros...
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Along the Borders
Route: Truskavets – Skhidnitsya – Losinets – Velykiy Berezniy – Perechyn – Turii Remety – Lipovetz – Polonyna Runa Mount – Lumshori – Perechyn – Nevitske – Uzhgorod The route is exciting, both because of the remarkable places of Transcarpathia it runs through, and from the point of the cycling itself. You are to conquer several passes, the one big ascent to Polonyna...
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Berezke circle-1
Route: Beregovo — Muzhievo — Bene — Chetphalva — Vary — Guecha — Choma — Machola — (Gunyady) — Astey — Beregovo The Beregovo Region is the part of the historical komitat Bereg (Berezky komitat) and it is the land rich in architectural and natural landmarks, the most part of which is not known to many travellers. The town of Beregovo is considered to be the non-registered...
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Berezke circle-2
Route: Beregovo — Yanoshi — Balazher — Velyka Beygan — Koson — Velyka Beygan — Dyida — Bregovo The route starts in Beregovo, at the Museum of Beregivshchina. From the museum ride to the centre of the town, cross the old arched bridge (the oldest in Transcarpathia, and one of the oldest bridges in Ukraine, 1853) and turn to the right to the main autoroute to Mukachevo. Ride along Mukachivska...
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Berezke circle-3
Route: Beregovo — Kidiovsh — Velyki Beregui — Kvasovo — Bene — Muzhievo — Velyka Bakta — Beregovo The route starts in Beregovo, at the Museum of Beregivshchina. Ride from the museum to the post-office and at the crossroads turn to Esse Tomash Street and pass by the school building. When you ride to the parting of the ways to Vinogradovo and to Irshava, choose the second one. The route...
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GPS: 48°37´38.8632" 22°17´13.7004"
Cycle routes in the Uzhhorod district
1. Velyka Dobron - Mala Dobron - Tysaahtelek - Mali Heivtsi - Velyki Heivtsi - Chaslivtsi - Korytniany - Kinchesh - Uzhhorod Route length - 28 km. Duration -4-6 hours. Worth visiting: the Velyka Dobron General Zoological Game Reserve, The Local Lore Museum (on the premises of the school), Reformation Church, the workshop of artist-potter Hidi, the monument to the fallen in the World Wars, the plant of red pepper packaging (Mala...
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Dogyaska Mountain
Route: Kobyletska Polyana – Dogyaska Mount – Kobyletska Polyana This route is great for the fans of extreme sports, to gratify experienced cycle travelers as well as owners of expensive bikes. The route passes through the valley of the river Serednya. The road stretching out from the checkpoint (a barrier) at first look like a plain dirt ground but it becomes better in a while. You just get going! For the first 19 km,...
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Glow of Slovakia
Route: Uzhgorod — Storozhnytsya — Tarnivtsi — Shyshlivtsi — Galoch — Palad-Komarivtsi — Mali Selmentsi The main city of Transcarpathia, the Town of Gardens, the Perl of the River Uzh — these are the names of Uzhgorod, the smallest reginal centre of Ukraine. It is the place that is 1,120 years old in 2013, where our fascinating journey from one frontier line to another one starts. Uzhgorod...
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Narcissus Valley
Route: Volovetz – Pylypets – Mizhhiria – Isa – Khuste – Kireshi – Mukacheve The route runs on asphalt auto-roads; it is designed to start in the Carpathians and gradually go to the lowlands of Transcarpathia. The main point of destination is Narcissus Valley, so the spin is highly recommended from the end of April to the middle of May (the blooming season for narcissi, which may somewhat fluctuate...

Displaying 1 to 10 (of 22 products)
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