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Historical route of F. Rákóczi II

21-22 May 2009 in Tarpa-Vary-Beregovo, playing events in 1703 held a symbolic recruitment.Events correct historical period, confirmed the 20 men, dressed in clothing true kuruc period (10 colonels and 10 hussars) and 10 women. Authentic weapons kuruc period (swords, rifles, degree, fixed hair, etc.) and vozyna main square of the village returned participants and spectators at the time, conveying the mood of the early XVIII century.

Activities began with a performance of real scenes events, faithful kuruc period with smokers Tarpa village, which was the basis of literary work Tomas Barany "Flags Rákóczi." The first scene was Park House of Culture where the participants was reflected Shalanky forest when Tomas comes from the essay of Prince Ferenc Rákóczi castle with Brezan and brings with him the flag and a manifesto presented by this valiant prince (May 20, 1703).

The spectators who came to these events all day at the yard of culture waiting tasting foods associated with healthy way of life of local. This was followed Reformed liturgy.During this time kuruc carts come streets of the village and at the end of the Liturgy came the main square before the Reformed Church (May 21, 1703). This action took place on the second deployment Tarpa flag. Esze and there proclaimed Brezanskyy manifesto and chose lieutenants. Prysyahlys obtained on the flag in a festive ceremony. These events were accompanied by the party fiddles and wind instruments. After a short rest went to the performers' Badalo limits "to the footsteps of their ancestors crossed the green border and arrived at the second event flag deployment in the village. Vary. Guests accompanied the wagons until the green border to witness the unique event since Trianon peace treaty. The next day ceremony associated with the continued deployment of the flag in the village of Carlsbad. In the morning, and here were deployed flag. After lunch, laying wreaths in honor Beregovo knew before memorials Esze Tamas and Prince F. Rákóczi II. Esze Tamas is also unfolded the flag, then we heard a festive program with choir Beregovo pensioners club.

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